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Here's a huge "thank you" coming your way! I have to be honest with you. I've used apartment locators in the past, and I vowed never to do it again.
I've had some bad (and very frustrating) experiences. A lot of locators have been very pushy, overagressive or didn't understand my needs. But, to my
delight, you were an absolute joy to work with! What a pleasant surprise it was to me to find that your website truly does reflect your work ethic. Kudos to you for working so expediently on finding me the ideal home in Dallas. This is honestly the first place I've had where I cannot wait to move in and make it mine! Your kindness and hard work are greatly appreciated.

Many, many thanks,

- Brittny

For the past 10 years I have been managing and marketing apartments and lofts in six Texas cities and five states, and Patty is one of those rare jewels that actually takes the time to learn what she is selling and cares about her clients! Never uninformed, Patty is sure to lead you in the direction that is best for you. With my properties, she has been a God-send and placed some amazing people and we look forward to nurturing a stronger relationship in the coming years with Patty ! She is simply the best there is in D/FW!

- K. Ryan Baldwin
Chief Operating Officer
Trigon Management, L.P.
The Davis Building
Dallas Power & Light and the Mosiac

I would like to say that Patty Appleby is one of the BEST locators I have worked with in a long time. Patty will go above and beyond the call of duty for her clients. I have been in the Loft Industry for a long time and it is AMAZING to see that she will accompany every one of her clients. That is a rare find when it comes to locators. From starting point to finding your new home, you will be impressed with the way Patty conducts business. She is by far the BEST locator in the Dallas Metroplex. Don't be fooled by other locators.
- Baron Farha
Assistant Manager
The "Original" Downtown Lofts

While living in New Orleans I was offered a job in Dallas on a Friday and had to find an apartment by the next Friday. I didn't know anyone in Dallas and had only been there once as a teenager, so I took to the Internet in my hurried search for a place to live. I quickly realized that I needed a real person who knew their way around to assist me. Lucky for me, I found Patty. We discussed my needs and she said she thought she knew the perfect place. She picked me up at my hotel on the following Saturday and brought me straight to the building where I live today. From just a couple of phone conversations, Patty figured out exactly what I was looking for. We could have stopped after the first property, but she brought me to a few others for good measure. She could have walked away as soon as I put her name on the lease, but like a second Mom, she checked up on me to make sure I was doing OK. Patty Appleby is, proof that the best things in life are, indeed, FREE!

- Lee de la Houssaye

My job required we move on a moments notice, thousands of miles away here to Dallas. Not knowing anyone in the city we found Patty on the internet. From the moment we met her it was as if we had known her for years! Patty's personable and polite nature combined with her 'can-do' attitude made our move seamless! She not only took us to EVERY area of town we wanted to see (and a few additional ones she thought we may like <-- and she was right!) but she also explained the different communities in Dallas. We not only saw buildings and units, but area shops and service options. It was clear from the moment that we met her Patty would not be happy unless ALL of our needs were addressed! Even before we arrived in Dallas, Patty was more accessible than ANYONE I had ever worked with before. When she says "call me anytime" she means it-- and when she say's "I'll find out, and call you right back" she does! ALL THIS FOR FREE!!! Patty did SO MUCH legwork before we arrived in town, and was SO familiar with our wish list that we ended up taking the first loft she showed us! IT IS PERFECT!!! (of course that didn't stop her from showing us a dozen more- just to make sure we were happy.) Well Patty... WE ARE!!! THANK YOU!!! A+++++

- Steve Noviello

I'll be the first to admit that I expect perfection...
Having limited time on my hands due to a hectic work schedule, I called Patty during the holiday season and gave her a long list of expectations for my new loft. While others were on "holiday" mode, Patty worked overtime to assist me in my search for a new place. Patty listens, bends over backwards and makes it happen. Expect to receive world class service...I did.

- Alexandra Bazos

I just wanted to let you know that the loft is incredible, I love it so much.  I was going to take some snapshots of it (when I am done unboxing everything) and forward them your way so you can take a look.

Also, a friend of mine filled our your online form.  He is looking to move out a little further down the road.  Actually, (small world) – he is the one who found your site for me originally…. Anyway, I took him to see my place last week, and he just loved it, and definitely will be going through you when it gets a little closer to time.

- Mary Hall
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Patricia Angelina Appleby | Licensed Real Estate Agent and Broker | Dallas and Fort Worth Texas | Dallas, TX 75201 
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